ToTo Lucky 7 System

This will be an introduction guide to the newly introduce Lucky 7 System which is available only to Premium Guild House Members.

The Lucky 7 System which I introduce recently is a wheeled sets based on the number of premium members in House Of ToTo. Each premium member will be assign 7 System 7 entries (no two members will share the same entry) and my program will wheel out 15 more entries in additional in case last minute new members coming in. This mean that the total number of entries based on the number of premium members is being distributed among the members with each member getting 7 unique entries each.

Below is the calculation:
Number of Premium Members : N
Wheeled Entries : (N x 7) + 15
Each member will receive 7 unique System 7 entries on their console.

The wheel used is a dynamic wheel as you can see. I had tested out the wheel results on quite a few draws thus finally opening it to premium members as an additional to the usual premium predictions.

With this Lucky 7, members can simply note down the 7 System 7 entries and just purchase them at any SingaporePools outlets. There is no need for any wheeling as I had also use my deduction program to deduce out the numbers and using the Lucky 7 wheeling program to wheel the numbers based on the number of members available in the system.

Based on the above I will be able to know how many premium member is being assigned the winning entries and how many Group 3 and above prizes are won by my members.

Of cos with this it would mean that by having more members in the system, my wheeling program will be able to generate more entries and thus increasing the chances of having House Of ToTo members winning any prize in the ToTo draws and possible another Jackpot win.