Premium Guild House

Welcome to House Of ToTo's Premium Guild House. The fact is our friendly Guild House gives you a better chance of winning than most ordinary Lottery players while still managing your playing budget within your playing means.

ToTo is a tough game to win when you play on your own. And if you had read my guides you will realize the only way to improve your chances is to buy more entries, but this can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. That's why I started the Exclusive Members-Only Guild House. And now I am personally inviting you to join me.

Furthermore I will be enhancing your playing experience further by including 4D predictions into the benefits of joining House Of ToTo's Premium Guild House. Yes so by joining House Of ToTo's Premium Guild House you will not only get Premium ToTo Predictions but also Premium 4D Predictions as well. Not only that you will be invited to join Guild House Only Events when there are any special ToTo or 4D draws!

If you are interesting in Wheeling kindly subscribe to House Of ToTo Wheel Portal here.

What are the benefit of joining?
  • Enjoy Premium ToTo Predictions of 2 sets of 18 numbers each, 1 set of Combine (18 to 36 numbers from Set A and Set B)
  • Enjoy 7 sets of System 7 entries (Read about Lucky 7) plus additional 14 System 7 entries if you choose to topup additional $30
  • Enjoy Premium 4D Predictions of 40 entries (Read about Lucky 4D) for the week draws (Wed, Sat and Sun)
What is the membership fee?
  • $50 (non-refundable) per month for Premium Member (8 ToTo draws, 12 4D draws) or $600 per year (96 ToTo draws, 144 4D draws)
  •  $80 (non-refundable) per month for Premium Plus Member (8 ToTo draws, 12 4D draws) or $960 per year (96 ToTo draws, 144 4D draws) + additional 14 Lucky 7 entries per ToTo draw
How to join?
  • Internet Banking Fund transfer to: 170-26686-2 (POSB Saving). For iBanking kindly set your mobile numbers as initials, for ATM Transfer or Cash deposit please keep the transaction receipt as proof of payment, you may be required to scan the receipt as proof of payment
  • Email to houseoftoto[at], the iBanking initials or scan receipt, your mobile number and have a subject as "Guild House". 
  • You will receive an email confirming your membership and all predictions will start on the coming Monday draw onwards. You will receive your first predictions after 9pm Sunday
  • Please kindly join before every Sat 9pm to take part in the coming Monday ToTo draw and Wednesday 4D draw
  • Kindly note that email accounts have known issues of receiving emails from I will strongly urge all members to use Gmail if possible.
  • If I am unable to find your transfer (membership fee) I will deem you as not interested in joining and will reject your email application
If you have any questions, please contact me @ houseoftoto[at] I wish you best of good luck with SingaporePools ToTo & 4D and have a nice day. Do remember to introduce House Of ToTo to your friend too!