About Me

Hi, many thanks for visiting House Of ToTo - A website which I started to share and entertain the public on SingaporePools Lottery. Here on my site I will share my experiences playing the Singapore ToTo and 4D draws (although I had yet to hit the ToTo jackpot but the experience of playing sure is fun) as well as provide some value-added services to enhance your lottery playing experience even further including the much valued Free and Premium ToTo and 4D Predictions.

Who am I?

First a quick intro about myself, I am a Full-Time IT Professional, Numerologist to-be and an All-Time ToTo Player (For 4D I am more of a casual player). I hold a Bachelor of Computer Degree (Hons) and thou I dun start playing ToTo and 4D until I 2007 but ever since I just fall in love with this game. To me ToTo and 4D are all about combination and mathematics and this further boost my interest in this game and wanting to try my luck hitting the jackpot and winning the big prizes.

What I do for living?

I work for a company dealing in the telecommunication industry and I am a skilled in Java, C#, C++, Scheme and many more (well I had experience with many programming languages), Windows and IVR programming. I worked with customers from all industries and House Of ToTo is one of the project started by me for interest.

Why I start this blog?

I started this blog actually on Nov 2nd 2009 as I wanted to share what I know with my ToTo brothers out there. However things been pretty bad in Dec 2009 as my previous company started the second wave of retrenchment and my team was totally wipe up leaving me the solo player left and I stop updating this blog till Sept 13 2010.

Now in the year 2010, I decided it is time to revive this blog and once again share with my lottery brothers my experiences and for them to share their views and tips as well. During the time I had spend much effort into developing a AI program capable to deducing ToTo and 4D numbers like how a human will plus with the accuracy and impartial of a computer program. Now it is time to put this program of mine to the test and I hope it will bring much winning to all.

Reading On

I welcome your views and comments at House Of ToTo but please don’t abuse this opportunity. Be nice. Be courteous. Be sensible. I will delete any comments which does not meet the 3 rules above so dun blame me if your comments dun show up :)

Will like to stress that doing lottery predictions in Singapore is not illegal and I am not operating a scam site. Everything here is done professionally and if you think lottery prediction is not for you, kindly leave this site as I have enough of people emailing me asking for free predictions and if I dun give claim that it is a scam. I predicted Jackpot prizes hence I believe those who follow me through (especially those who are with me since Sept 2011) will know what I do is very real and not a scam.