Monday, April 4, 2016

Wheeling is back!

It has been a long time since there are any new updates on House Of ToTo as it had been a crazy 3 years for me ever since my dad pass away on Dec 2012...

Even since I had been slowing down in all my activities to focus on what was important and that is my family. 3 years had passed and now it is time for me to focus back on House Of ToTo and to continue what I like and that is lottery!

For a start I will be reintroducing Wheeling back to House Of ToTo. I remember I did a mobile site couple of years back which allow premium members to login and do wheeling, checking of results and analysis. This time I want to redesign the construct. Results and analysis I will temporary remove so as to focus on just Wheeling and this time it will be offered as a separate product from the premium membership.

What this mean is for punters who wish to just use wheeling you can opt for just the wheeling subscription. I will be be maintaining the 4if4 logic even thought SingaporePools now introduced Group 7 (3 numbers to win a prize) so as to ensure that Group 7 prizes occurrences will be higher.

For a start I will be starting a page which explain what is Wheeling to fellow punters who are unsure of what it is and how it will improve your win rate with Lottery. Just for your info Wheeling is not limited to just SingaporePools ToTo and it can be used in any other lotteries around the world.

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