Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lucky 4D now available!

With the success of Lucky 7 in ToTo, House Of ToTo will be introducing a new system for 4D and it is Lucky 4D. In Lucky 4D it follows pretty much like in Lucky 7 where the program will deduce based on the number of premium members in House Of ToTo. However one key difference is that members will not be receiving an unique predictions as in 4D the max number of outcome is only 10,000 hence some members might receive the same predictions.

This should not be a prolem since in 4D the prizes are pretty much fixed. So I do wish all members best of luck in winning 4D with the new Lucky 4D system.

Lucky 4D will start from next week 4D draws onwards (29 Oct 2014 onwards) and each member will receive 20 4D predictions for the week draws (ie Wed, Sat and Sun).

Read more about Lucky 4D.

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